“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Through The Pyramids of Arusha, we preserve the knowledge of the past, but one human need never changes. The luxury of time and the desire to pause, rest, and rejuvenate. 

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, in the past, the present and in the future this will ring true. We offer you an opportunity to experience a space that celebrates the dance between ancient civilization and modern living. 

“Rest, reflect and rejuvenate.”


A blue vintage Corolla can be found parked outside and makes for a lovely backdrop to the Pyramids of Arusha. And no, it is not for sale! ☺

“Looking for a friendly, quiet place to stay and relax? If so you can’t go past ‘Arusha Pyramids’. Located centrally in Arusha within a beautiful garden setting, this self contained accommodation is tastefully appointed and comfortable. Shops, eateries and transport are nearby with a charming English speaking host to assist with any other needs. I visit Arusha periodically for short and longer term stays and call this place home away from home.”