Escape to a place where the past and the future meet, right in the heart of a natural paradise. 

Tired of promises of the extraordinary only to find the usual and mundane? 

Well, you’ll be pleased to discover that, located just 42 miles west-southwest of Mount Kilimanjaro, sit the Pyramids of Arusha, three one-of-a-kind conceptual guesthouses that draw their inspiration from our great past. Named ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ respectively, the luxurious pyramid shaped guesthouses offer their guests, unforgettable memories of a modern living experience quite like no other. 

The pyramid’s natural relationship with the environment is what brings inquisitive visitors from all over world to this unique residential attraction. The estate is equipped with all the amenities for a luxurious stay and stands just a stone’s throw away from paradise. 

Situated on the foothill of Mount Meru, Africa’s third highest free-standing mountain, the pyramids are neatly nestled in a sublime natural garden where a resident eagle overlooks an assortment of avocadoes, macadamia nuts, pomegranate fruit, red anthuriums, pink bougainvillea and palm trees. 

“A geometric guest-house designed for the preservation of life, health and the mental well-being of its visitors.”

But there is a deeper meaning, a raison d'être, coupled with a certain degree of delightful unexpectedness associated with these architectural masterpieces. 

Their development is rooted in the founder’s explorative exploits, making home-made paper pyramids to preserve fresh vegetables around the house, he became inspired to build a geometric guest-house designed for the preservation of life, health and the mental well-being of its visitors.

And so it is that the age-old African legacy of the pyramids continues in Tanzania.

Hilda Florent Shabell, Co-Owner 

“The experience of the energy you feel when inside the pyramid is something to write about. When I want to feel calm, tranquil and dream about my higher self, I go inside the pyramid.” 

A Brief History

If you know nothing about pyramids, they are certainly the definitive symbol of ancient Egypt, the pride of the African continent and the iconic wonders of the world. Today, the Pyramids of Giza are still the most revered architectural achievement of the modern age, 4500 years after their construction. 

They stand as a living testament to the genius of the ones who came before us. Built not only for the perfect preservation of African kings, artifacts, jewelry, texts and marine fossils, but to point to the level of knowledge our forefathers and mothers had attained in architecture, mathematics, science, medicine, alchemy and astronomy.  

The precision of our own architectural design is inspired by the desire to continue our rich legacy. 

“What a wonderful home! In all Arusha, no intern has nicer accommodation than "the pyramids" and friendlier landlords than Omar and Hilda.”